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The Seasons

What is your favorite type of weather?


Force me to stay inside. Cook winter food in the crockpot. I’ll read all day, write and drink hot teas and coffee out of my favorite mug with my smushy-faced pug curled up in my lap. I’ll sit all day in my favorite chair, listening to the wind and rain as the gray sky swirl outside my window, and my toes stay toasty in my fuzzy wool socks.

But I have to say I love a day when the sun tanned my skin. I can lay back on the sand as the waves roll in, and I do not care in the world. My eyes are closed as I daydream and day drink the day away. I’ll watch the birds being chased by the tides. I’d be okay wasting the day away as a beach bum with a good book, my dog, and the sound of the waves.

Autumn, you ground me. Remind me who I am supposed to be, giving me time to rest and gather myself back together. I learn during this waiting period, covered in cotton and earthy comfort. All the hurt, hustle, and overload are slowed as you heal me in this time of slumber and reflection.

Summer, you as but a fleeting dream. You warm my achy bones and let me have my dreams for a brief moment. You aren’t full of expectations, just sun rays, vast open seas, and open roads. You aren’t me, but you welcome me in to visit. You are all but in my dreams, but maybe I’ll meet you, so a short hello.

xoxo- SK

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