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The Day My World Stopped| Every May It Hits A Little Harder

Every year I feel the loss of you as if it was yesterday. I'll never get use to you not being here. miss you forever.

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Broken Up About It

When you are physical here but in every other way you are not. I'm broken up about it.

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My mind What a joke. The charade continues. I walk the line of caring and self-preservation but prefer not to participate. So I break down, but I don't hide it well. Everyone sees what I try to pretend isn't happening. I'd love for things to go on without the grip around my throat, the bitter… Continue reading Joker

Jesus in a crown of thorns. I am nothing wihtout Jesus.
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My Insignificance

My Insignificance My Insignificance I am so small, just like a helpless child. Looking up to everyone. Everyone looking down at me. Needing help for my survival, needing a savior. I am less to make room for more. How does God see me? I'm but a speck in the universe, a grain of sand. Practically,… Continue reading My Insignificance

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The Christ Encounter

With God all things are possible but without Him I am lost. Forever I am forever grateful for the Love. Mercy, Protection, Grace, and Amor of His Protection. I am Saved!

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The Shadow People

*Photo courtesy of Shadow people- Psychonutwiki Shadows People That ghostly moment you realize that shadow isn't yours. *courtesy of Pinterest I see you here, I see you there. You hide in plain sight everywhere. In my peripheral, shadows dash from my sight. Nevertheless, I feel their ghostly presents filling the night. Skelly Phantom… Continue reading The Shadow People