Life is meant to be lived fully

Write It All & Then Have All The Animals

What's a job you would like to do for just one day? Obviously, we all enjoy writing. It’s why we’re here. But I wish I could still be that hands-on Mom while making a sizable income writing poems, stories, music, and whatever… my heart desired! I’d love to have a podcast and have fun, spooky… Continue reading Write It All & Then Have All The Animals

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You’re Alright

What was the best compliment you've received? Thinking back to a compliment I've received can be difficult to think of any. If not that I haven't been given a compliment before. I think I have. I've had complimented on my looks and outfits here and there. I've been told that I have a lovely, comfortable… Continue reading You’re Alright

Life is meant to be lived fully

Curiously Optimistic

How would you rate your confidence level? One could say that I haven't been my usual self. The laugh it off, roll with the punches, let it fly girl. I trust that things will be what they will be and it's fine either way. People's opinions are none of my business. However, this season of… Continue reading Curiously Optimistic

Life is meant to be lived fully

The Matrix

What makes you most anxious? Routine is good. It's healthy to know what to expect and have some kind of sense in ones day. But being forced into a routine that I didn't set for myself and has little to no payoff makes me feel like I'm wasting away. This causes anxiety in me. To… Continue reading The Matrix