Priorities Of The Heart

The thing that matters

Priorities Of The Heart 🤍

The harshest words we ever say…

The most painful fights we ever have…

All of our sleepless nights and stressful days…

There will all be with and because of the people we love.

Only with people we deeply love and care for will we ever experience true pain.

Or at least that is how it should be.

Why would I blink, shed a single tear, lose a night’s sleepover a stranger not agreeing with me, caring for me, like me, or saying a terrible word about me?

You are no one in my world.

But the opinion, the actions, thoughts, and words of a loved one… can change everything for me.

Bring me joy, encouragement, laughter, and happiness. Contentment and comfort.

But also, hopelessness, pain, confusion, h,urt and pure agony.

Only those that hold a place in my heart have the power to break it.



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