I love you❣️


I love you in the daytime and in the afternoon

I love you in the pour rain and farther than the moon

I love in the darkness and in the sunlight

I love you in my arms and by the candlelight

I love you when you’re with me and when you’re not

I love you forever like a really difficult knot! That’s right!

I love you with the good and with the tough.

I love you with everything and enough will never be enough.

I love you on this very day and every day after this.

Happy Valentine’s Day I seal this bliss with a kiss.

I love you my best friend always in life and after.

My anchor and I am yours. 🤍

Happy Valentine’s Day to the LOVE of my life. I don’t know where I was in this world without my guy by my side. He makes my world a better place. I love him beyond. What a gift he is. I go to bed and wake up every morning thanking God for him in my life. He is my gift…. My gift that I am so thankful for.

xoxo sk


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