Intro to Blogging: SEO Exercise

SEO- Search Engine Optimization

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Fear of learning something new

When I first started my blog 100 years ago… No, it feels that way sometimes when I have to dig into the technical things. It is not my favorite at all! I didn’t know what SEO was or why it mattered. I am not a tech-savvy person. I am a creative person and this really cramps my style! Quite Frankly, I get pretty anxious about technical matters. It causes my stress level to skyrocket and all that does is kill my creative juices!

I watched some YouTube videos to get through in the beginning. I wanted to understand how to fit “keywords” and “tags” into my post and pages. I was becoming so worried about the rules, so to speak, that I wasn’t writing well at all. The writing wasn’t fun anymore, it was frustrating, all because I didn’t understand the website part.

To be very honest, I set myself up for failure often simply because I assumed that I wouldn’t “get it” or understand it, the mind’s a powerful thing. I can scare myself stupid. Just because I have never done something doesn’t mean I will never be able to but it’s hard to rewire your mind at my age. It’s taken time to get past my fear of not knowing and allowing myself to make mistakes, fail and try again and be okay with that.

Effective SEO

An effective SEO makes our site visible to a search engine in short. Seems simple enough, even to me! It’s the way we use it that can improve our rankings and that’s where I get lost.

From what I understand, it’s about that good’ol algorithm. It is what people want to see, what google wants us to see and then there’s your SEO right in the middle… which I think, is search results. This is why keywords are so important, they trigger SEO results. If I am understanding correctly, it’s your SEO that understands what your reader wants and will suggest your blog to them. Then the crawler, which I had never heard of before, scans my overall context and my whole blog for all other sites. I had no clue what a crawler was so this was brand new news to me!

I have learned way more than I ever thought I would. I wouldn’t say that I am proficient in any of this information but I have the knowledge now and a basic understanding. That’s a start!

I am already doing many things that will help me to have a strong SEO, I have completed my profile and I keep it updated. I do my best to follow, like, and comment on other blogs that interest me. And the biggest change I have made is publishing regularly. I have become more selective with the tags that I use and don’t overdo them by using too many. I had no clue that my post would be looked at as spam but now that I know that, I’m glad I made these changes a while ago!

Changes and fixes with my SEO

The things I am going to work on are the use of keywords in all the different areas of my blog in general. The Title Page, thought-out my Text, in my Headings, including keywords in the file names of my images, and another new one for me… Alt Text. I’ve seen this area when preparing to publish, that I can add alt text but never really knew what to put there. Now, I understand that I can add keywords to describe an image that someone cannot see. I will be better about this in the future.

The big things that I need to work on are my alt text and my headings. These are the area I will do better on in the future. This technical business of my website is not a strength of mine but it’s part of the process of learning and I am excited to keep learning.


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