The Burden Of Love And Responsibility

The Burden of Love and Responsibility

I see you. Your waves, the ebb, and flow, the rise and fall. Somedays are so hard to keep up where you are. But know that I try.

I see you. The fear, the insecurity, the trauma you won’t deal with. You carry and hold it with you, though it brakes you in half. It’s heavy and messy, but I hold it with you. I do it because I see it and the unspoken pain you try to hide.

I see you. The busyness and rush. The climb. The ladder has no top. The push that never ends. You keep yourself hectic, constantly proving you won’t make those same mistakes, that you’re different, and that you’ll be better.

I see you. You are better than them. You prove, push and protect, love hard, and honor. You listen to the cries the best you can. It’s been hard, and you still have a rock you are battling daily… ignoring, dragging it everywhere we go. I see it… screaming in you. This burden.

I see you, my love. I know this is an intense weight, a burden triggered by a person tugging on your heart and your last nerve. Push it away. Turn your back, hoping it will just go away, or maybe it will correct itself. Pretend it’s not there tapping on your shoulder, a never-ending nagging that haunts you.

I see you. I know you want this to be easy, like you and me. Something to count on. A place to be honest and have a say in a safe place. It pains me how cornered you are. Things don’t get fixed on their own.

I see you. The dark place this relationship is in. The love you have inside you that burst out could never be contained. Even with this burden trying to smother you, put out your light, nothing could put out your flame. Trust this; believe it.

So I see you… In all your light. Your glorious splendor. Your drive and your love and pure spirit. The one that gets shoved down and you try to ignore.The one that’s too strong for his own good and has been manipulated for far too long. You know your way.

I see you. I try to heal you. I love you. I try to keep you safe from the burden that haunts you, stalks you, and lingers in the shadows of your life. It holds you hostage but I stand in the gap.

I see you. Know, I see you.


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