Twisted Up

Do you ever get angry? The kind of anger that might lead to sin. I would have never thought of myself having an angry issue until my foot met the bottom of the storage container and I broke my dang toe! Which I am still feeling the consequences of!

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Having anger, being angry… it’s normal. It’s a normal human emotion that we all have! It felt very good and reassuming to hear my counselor say these words to me yesterday! Yes… I’m mostly normally! I am totally allowed to feel angry!

However, getting mad all times isn’t me. Sure, a little frustration here and there happens to me from time to time but not full angry! Especially, when I break my foot over it! When it starts to consume and change who I really me. That kind of angry is not me! But lately, I have been met with more and more frustration… that it is turning into anger. I don’t like it!

All these feelings had made me take pause and reflect of the situations I have found myself in repletely. All the conversations and the people I have been around. As much as I take time to look at the good things in my life, I do know how thankful and blessed I am. Still, life and other humans happen. Their moods, attitudes, and the craziness of the world sometimes just comes at us all in the harshest ways. Things get said and done and you can’t undo it.

Getting angry about the things that are hurtful to me is okay. It was good to hear that I am not a weird o for being mad about what I am mad about, but it’s not okay to let my angry become sinful. To let my angry hurt others the way I have been disrespected or hurt is not okay. I need to better than the people who hurt me. This is going to be hard.

So, I think even though I have heard some really annoying and ridiculous things toward my family, my children, and am currently dealing with my own troubling issues. I need to just take a breath and remember who I am, where I am in my life and keep moving forward with my head up. I am going to be just fine… better than fine.

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