Day of Rest

I was not feeling myself at all. Head plugged, ears hurt, headache, dizzy and just felt in a cave, off. Not me. I was a messy person the last few days. It happens…

I got my day.

I had lost it the other day, lost my patience and the monster came out. Not my finest moment for sure. I think I broke my toe in the process of showing a storage container who’s boss. I’m not sure who won that fight? I know I feel like the idoit.

Yesterday I stayed in bed. I wrote, connected to you all. I prayed and tried to sleep. But mostly, I just tried not to think too much. My brain is a tiny bit overloaded at the moment. It needs a break from thinking, from being, from stressing over the tiny things, the big things… from anything. A day of rest.

Sure, I felt bad about it but part of me didn’t care. I need to do nothing for one day. I need people to just let me be, not ask a single thing of me for a day… just one day.

So, the cold medicine went down the hatch and off to sleep I went; all while the house wasn’t as clean as I would have liked… I couldn’t care at the moment. I’m not sure what time the kids went to bed, if the laundry ever got put away, or the dogs went out before bed… I didn’t bother to check in.

I closed my eyes and wondered why I felt so strained? Why I had such a lack of care right now… but then I went to sleep without much overthinking. I let it go. Let it be and hoped tomorrow would be better.

When I woke this morning, it was early before my alarm! I was still sleepy but not groggy. I sat there in my bed for a minute evaluating my body, my brain… am I okay?

I noticed I felt mostly good, awake, no recuring headache this morning! So, I made my way to the coffee pot and had the first sip of coffee; it’s never tasted better on my lips! I was okay today. That day of rest was well spent.



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