Peace Fall Over Me

Peace Fall Over Me

Seeking tranquility. The calmness in lives storm. That confidence in my quietness that needs no explaination. The ability to be still and restored in my faith alone. How I want to feel safe and free, to stand firm in who I am created to be. The freedom to know with confidence I am imperturbable. I have a pure and calm heart, a silent heart, faithful heart. Fully assured of who I am with no doubts. The ability to do the things that restore me and keep me healthy. Mind, body, and soul. Peace, you show me what it is to love. How to love in this world? How to accept love and give love? Peace, you teach me. God’s peace is never far. Like, when I feel the wind blowing through my hair, or can see the breeze sway in the trees. Watching the wind create waves in a wheat field and the clouds change shape in the sky, breathes new life in me, a clear perspective, and peace falls over me. Crisp mornings with a hot cup of coffee. A full moon on a cozy night, or raining days snug in my lounge chair and a mystery novel tight in my hands. Long walks with the sunlight warming my bones. All is a gift of peace. Peace covers me and gives me time to reflect and be alone with my thoughts in prayer. Prayer time, God time, the most important time. Not every word needs to shout from the roof, but instead peacefully said in prayer to a mighty God. The God of peace. So I am still. Peace washes over me. I am able to sleep knowing all is well. Natural sleep, a deep and restful sleep gives me the stillness to hear, to listen with clarity, and with a joyful and peaceful heart. Quite the noise and rest in silence. The presents of Peace falls over me. I gather with other believers, worship, and pray. A song in my heart I am inundated with the spirit. Peace is overwhelming, fall over me. I release my fears, the tension and pain the world set on my shoulders to carry, and the tears feel hot and free. A good cry frees from this prison of expectation. The ache in my belly, so joyful and lighthearted, to laugh this deep or this hard brings me back to life. It’s this peace of happiness that brings a smile to my soul. It takes no words but the world can see.Oh, peace wash over me, fall on me and give me a safe place to dwell. A place that I’m safe to be myself, welcomed and loved. Please don’t leave me Peace like waves rolling back and forth on the sandy shore and back into the sea, but stay with me always.I am thankful and grateful for a true heart. For hearts that hears me even when I don’t speak a word.



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