The Good Stuff

I forgot how much I love this place!

It’s time to take a mental break and think about how sweet life is…

So yeah, there’s so much trouble and burden around the world, it’s hard not to notice. It gets super overwhelming at times how heavy the whole feels right now. It can be hard to focus on the amazing stuff in your life. But that’s just what I want to do.

We all hear everyone opinion and it’s usually pretty loud and critical of the opposing side. There’s not really a middle ground for anyone to come together. This can be incredibly disheartening to live this way, day in and day out.

I even felt victim and one have been sucked into the keyboard wars myself! It’s gross and uncalled for. No one likes there believe system or values challenged. I get that…but listening to one another and celebrating each other has simply faded way…

Being an open minded, faithful and caring person doesn’t mean you lose your core values or compromise your morals! You just become a better listener and give praise to the good stuff and the One who’s blessing you.

So with that said, I wanted to shine some light on the good stuff going on RIGHT NOW! I hope we all will start sharing more of the positive stuff going on. I hope that’s next wild fire…a good stuff wild fire over filling our feeds!

Happiness is a state of mind!

New Jersey has been a hot spot in the news since March! To say the media is bombarding us here is an understatement! Everything closing down and wiping out the grocery stores was life shaking. Rude and scary people all over the place. It’s all that we saw and heard about on every new station! Along with the added pressures of getting adjusted to a State we didn’t know at all! It scared me living here for sure in the beginning. It was hard to be positive when I was in super high fear mode!

Turning things around!

However, this pandemic, lockdown gave me more than I even knew that I needed.

We were given tons of family time together that we haven’t had ever in our lives. And although at times, it’s stressful being crammed all together in a new place; when we wanted to explore and get to know our new town, our new state… We’ve learned how to be there for each other in ways that weren’t on our radar last year. This family is more in love with each other than ever because of the challenges that we faced and how we’ve conquered them together.

Some people have told me the reason that I’m happy about living here in the Pines, is because I just left California… which was a shit show. They might be right. But there were some highlights in the sea of entitled jerks…I found some super awesome people there and I miss them everyday. I went on the most beautiful drives and saw sunsets that were breathtaking works of art. I will always remember the beauty and the friendship in the handful of people I met.

When I changed my thoughts, everything changed. I have to chose Good Stuff everyday!

I’m here now in the Pines of South Jersey and it’s nothing like I thought it would be. It’s better…

Cooler temps in my forest 🌳
Morning walk in the trees 🌲
My walking companions 💕💕
Our new friend! 🐸
A small barn that needs a lot of work 👌
Our drive way is actually a peaceful place ❤️

I’ve never lived in the middle of nowhere before but I grew up with family that did. I always wanted that solitude, the peaceful beautiful to be my home.

I wanted all my drives to be beautiful ones. No more traffic and loud people or cars. Whether it was too the grocery store, doctors appointment, or just taking the kids to school, I wanted to be at peace with the place I am. I have that now… even in this pandemic, this place is gorgeous and I’m so blessed to call it my home.

I wanted to be able to walk around my own property and get rejuvenated, grounded, be at peace and have some damn privacy! And I have that now. It’s priceless.

I wanted a place we could make our own. Grow together as a married couple and bring our family closer together. We needed a place to heal and we have that.

I desperately wanted a place that my kids could thrive and grow! They could make life long friends and have incredible experiences. We could make some amazing memories together and be safe! We all have that now.

I’m truly so grateful!

It’s been work getting this place in order and there’s still some much to do but I have enjoyed working together with my family and creating a home together.

Lots of work… mostly for Dad.
A little paint made a huge difference!
It takes all of us to get this place in shape!
Working together and making Moms heart ♥️ so happy!
Love seeing sun shine through the trees. 🌳 🌲
Good morning forest 🌳 ☀️

The kids are going to a good schools and meeting good people has been a topic priority for me. G had such a hard time in CA but now I feel like I got my happy, hyper girl back!

She’s thriving in school and handling the hybrid learning like a champ! It’s hard to get use to things that are different but this family is use to having to “get readjusted” and learning new things all the time.

G is making friends, playing soccer and over coming any challenges that come her way. Her positive spirit is a bright light to all that she encounters! I’m so proud of how she has handle all this newest and made it look easy even when it was very hard.

Trist is missing his friends from CA and it makes sense. He’s now 15 years old and he needs close friends. I totally understand how leaving them was so heartbreaking for him.

However, he is managing to keep his head up and adapt to a new school, being a freshmen and wearing a mass…which he hates! The things that keep him going and being so happy, even in the face of a very challenging and even lonely at times; is how much he loves where we lives. He loves his home, the forest, the adventure and the peace of this beautiful place. Trist has for the first time since he was in Elementary school, been able to decorate his own bedroom and make our home a comfortable place for him.

I have every faith that as days go on, he will get more and more use to this hybrid school and will make great friends.

Experiencing our home town!

Thing here in NJ are starting to get to a normal but carful place. We all can dine indoors and outside now. Bar inside restaurants are open and we can all watch our favorite football team with other people!

We’ve able to explore the shore, the city and our own small town. Going to farmer markets, picking apples and enjoying fall. Taking long walks through the parks and my favorite…fall sports!

G is playing Soccer now and I love watching her practice and every weekend going to her games! It’s one of my biggest joys! It’s great for our family to met other families and for her to make some friends.


I’m beyond thankful to have my family together and be here in such a gorgeous place. The beauty of the trees and birds…the ocean and the shore. The peaceful stillness of our home. Having my husband home with us and remembering what an awesome couple we were and getting back there again. I have missed my best friend and I’m so happy to have him back.

Watching my kids and Jason play together, work together and make an unbreakable bond. We are blessed with an awesome, fun and loving family. I can’t even put into words how thankful to have it back.

Even having my parents close by makes me feel so good. We have become so much closer and it’s such a blessing.

In closing

Life is hard and has been hard for awhile now. For me personal the last three in half years have been a lonely, depressing place. At times life wasn’t even worth living for me. It’s because I didn’t have my husband, my best friend…my family was fracture and I was dealing with a selfish brat who sucked me dry.

The right people are in my life. I’m thankful for them and this moment…this season. A twisted, bumpy, dark road lead me here and God…it’s all You. Thank you!


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