Can You Afford Me?

Can You Afford Me


Oh, the days we’d wait up too late for that call.

We’d spend the nights saying nothing at all.

Silences on the line, you’d stay on with me through the night.

How easy it was back then, we didn’t know what we’d have to fight.

Tangled together as we fell asleep at night cured the stress brought by the morning light.

Did you know what you’d pay to light my way?

was I worth it? Am I more than you can afford?

Never meant to bring you in this deep.

You’ve always known me better yet my heart you keep.

The price is high to be this way… it’s steep but I feel everything, it’s who I am.

Your heart was light and balanced mine. But I can see the pain over time.

You’re strong in your world and everything you need.

But fragile in mine and I’ll hurt you if you can’t lead.

It’s not how I want it, I don’t mean for it to be. This world becomes to much and I will turn the key.

Lock it all out, shut the door, ignore.

That’s what happens when you feel everything, the real me vanshing.

Am I an expense you can’t afford anymore?

Wondering where I went and will I be back?

Can you handle when I’m too much or when I lack?

I’m not the girl next door, I’m everyone, everywhere, all time and sometimes no one at all.

Someday you won’t answer my call.

The highs and lows more than you can handle?

Is this journey overpriced, this path just a maze you’ve traveled.

My soul was never easy, it’s always been heavy.

A mysterious place, moving, turning always working, consuming the world.

Sometimes I feel completely strangled.

But you my hero, love, my peacemaker, safe place and sweet taste.

My medicine, security and grounded faithfulness, bring me back together again.

Please hold my kite strings as long as we live.

You let me fly just high enough to get where I need to be but you hold on tight to me.

It’s so much work for you to love a creature, a tortured soul like me.

But how thankful I am you somehow always can see.

Oh, how do you to love me so well, to afford me is only know by the Lord.

I hope I’ve loved you half as good as you’ve loved me.

You said from the beginning we’re meant to be.



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