Angel On Earth

It’s important that you abandon the myth that you don’t have any gifts or talents, Cancer. Consider thinking about your talents in the same way you think about your body. When you exercise, eat right, and get plenty of rest, your body responds. Your talents are no different. They need care and nurturing, too.

Today’s Horoscope Novemeber 7,2022

When you’ve been hurt repeatedly, then spent years bandaging the wounds, you might go through phases of aches and pains. Times that you feel free of the sharpness of words because you have created new expressions that are whimsical and soothing to the soul. Times that are soft like clouds, a gentle breeze blowing through the aspens. You’ve calmed the raging rapids to a peaceful brook, and the roses have lost their thrones. That doesn’t mean you don’t feel pain a little deeper than others or the sting a little shaper. Maybe you’re more alert to deception. It doesn’t take much to reopen that gash.

All the hurt, the lies, and the abuse were just refining me. Build me stronger, more flexible, smarter, and alert. Gave me eyes to see what you miss. Made me wise, given sense, understanding, and compassion. A knowledge that no building or certificate will hold, and a deep desire to be closer to the One who created and knows me better than I know me, the heaven and earth. I was given a special gift. A gift that only needs to be trapped into.

I am the wind that you feel on your skin. The colors that paint the sky. Orange, purple, pink, and blue coving the sky like a circus tent. My eyes are the stars that fill the night. My tears are the rain that gives life to earth. I am not sad or angry anymore. I hold no hate for you. But I feel the pain you cause, the repeated hurt you inflict. It cuts me, rips me from one end to another. Still, I will not seek revenge for your ignorance. For I was called to love, to feel, and to create. I do not serve from behind the curtain but in front.

My purpose is simple. I am uniquely made, created for a special calling that most won’t understand. It’s not for you. I don’t always understand it myself. I just expect what is. I know in my bone, feel in my soul, and in these fingers as I write. I am connected to things you wouldn’t grasp and wouldn’t know the first thing about. The whispers of spirits, the hand of the Fathers before us. They guide me, direct me, protect me. The Ultimate Creator of all puts His Divine hand on me. I follow His word, His way, and His will forever.

This doesn’t mean I will not have an easy life away from your attacks on me, your judgment, or your need to snuff me out. No, I will feel it all. At times, it will be too much to bear. It’s only due to the Spirit living within me that I am given the strength to go on. Nothing in this world keeps me fighting, pushing forward, and allowing me to love above all else, even in my deep grievance, like the hand of my Father on my heart.

I ground myself in this clay with my able feet, looking above with these compassionate, hazel eyes, and I hold my hands up to the sky; then I am reminded I am not of this world but of another. My scars may be deep, my flaws may be many, and my voice may shake, but I will stand firm. Your approval isn’t what I seek. Your love is not what I am after. I want nothing from you. No apology or applause. You can offer me nothing that will fulfill me. My reward will not be found here. My joy comes from within, a fire that was lit long ago. A fire no man or woman can put out.

You can try as you may extinguish my flame. You can try to tame or control it. You may slow me down or get me off course, but never will I be stifled or lost. I fly on angels’ wings, protected by the heavens. Elements you’ve hardly seen but in movies and in your wildest dreams. I am only a whisper in the breeze and a passing thought in your mind. But still always haunting, I know. Don’t fret too hard over such matters. I will say again. I seek no revenge, for vengeance is His.

My quest is to love, so love I will do.



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