A Beach Break for the Family

I wasn’t ready and I honestly didn’t think we could pull it off. We didn’t have the time or the funds to make it happen in my opinion. I had so much to do to get this family back on track. We had been pulled in so many directions. I felt that if I were to leave to take a vacation it would only postpone the detoxifying this family needed so badly.

How wrong I was. I am incredibly thankful to my husband for making this trip happen. If it wasn’t for him there is no way that I would have gone. He knew how bad we all needed a true break… not a covid… forced break but a truly enjoyable break. He knew how badly I needed to enjoy a cup of coffee as I stroll the beach in the morning beach air and welcome the sunshine on my face… and say good night to the waves in the evenings. He knew what my soul needed… a true bit of peace after the harassment and abuse I’d been dealing with. He needed it, I needed it and we all needed a real break and it was amazing. My protector and love came through in ways I will forever be grateful for.

Some quality family time together was just what we needed and it was more than I could have ever asked for. I wish we could have made it even a bit longer but real-life calls. I guess one thing this time away did do was help me to see how blessed this life of mine is. What a good man I have by my side in this life. Even with a world in true crisis and falling apart all around us, and danger all around us… I am very blessed. I have a good life, and a good family and I am thankful.

Sometimes all we need is a break time out to get refocused to see it. Some time to be still and be reminded.

Here are few highlights from our time in Florida. Ill share later our time visiting my parents in Tennesses. But for now enjoy,

Vacation Pictures

Then… 2013



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