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Creating Pages and Editing Temples


It’s that time again, and I’ve begun my 3rd WP writing course! This time around, I did the course called, Create Your Site.

I registered for this class over a month ago, but with Christmas and a new job to look forward to, I knew I needed to wait until the new year to give it my full attention. So, here I am!

Today I had to create a contact page and an all-about-me page and practice editing a complicated temple. To be fair, I hate the Block Editors, and it gave me a real fit! Now, my going to make this short because I know this post might be a snore fest for most of you… but I need to back up a bit.

Firstly, I have been blogging, journal style, since about 2017, I only started sharing my poetry in 2019, very rarely, and just these last few months have moved fabricthatmademe over to a more full-time writing blog of my short stories and poems. I only do life updates and journal-style writing once in a while. I love journaling on this blog, so it’ll always be part if fabricthatmademe but not as often. This blog is a baby for sure.

I then created Something Blue as my second website. It is a new venture for me and hasn’t been around long, less than a year. It’s all about love, light, and the good stuff we hold sacred. I needed a place untouched by hurts and pain and still pure with all the good we sometimes have trouble seeing. I wanted it to be a place to lift spirits and light things up positively, lovingly way.

My point in saying all this is that I know how to create a site. I know what an all-about-me page is and a contact page is. So why would I need this class, you might wonder?

Well, we all can improve, and learn and to continue growing is fantastic! I need that in my life. So even though I have been blogging for a minute and can somewhat find my way around these WP parts, I still have a long way to go, and I want my knowledge base to expand too…so I can deliver a better and more improved blog to y’all!

I also must add that I did all my changes and homework on my Something Blue site! I hope you’ll check it out. I’ve created a new All About Me Page and a Contact Page.

The Temple from hell

Appleton did not like me y’all! He kicked my butt up and down the screen and then back again. So we are not friends, and I unsubscribed from him! I am now using a new, more friends temple that I adore! We love each! Our relationship is blooming! πŸ˜‰All is well, but it was scary there for a minute… who am I kidding… I spend an entire day dealing with Appleton’s tricks. Not cool, buddy!

Anywho- The course did ask me to use Appleton, and I did, but we broke up, so now that I have moved on to greener pastures, things seem to be working just fine.

Creating Pages

I went into Pages and added my all about me page. You can jazz this up as much as you want. I used the feature it had, but I also LOVE Canva and used that for my header image. When I was done with that, I did a quick connect/Contact page and added that also.

The last part is adding it all to my menu. My menu is part of editing and setting up my site, which always messes me up. But I think I got it worked out.

Please click on the links here Something Blue and check on my new All About Me page and the Contact. Let me know what your thoughts are. What is easy/hard to read, and was it hard/easy to get to. What do you think of the site as a whole? I really do what to learn, so your comments matter!

You also might have noticed that fabricthatmademe looks a bit different. I change it often, but I was told it was a little too dark, which made it hard to read, so I tried to lighten it up. I would also love to hear what you think about that site.

I have a serious live and passion for this, and I want to improve and learn. I can learn from the reader! So let me have it! I’m all ears!


A quote from Mark Twain-

6 thoughts on “Creating Pages and Editing Temples”

    1. I actually found a few mistakes myself! I saw that Grammarly (I paid for) didn’t apply any of the edits that I made…. my computer was having issues, so it was probably a mix of a few things going on. I went back to fix what I could find while my computer was updating. I hope it wasn’t too terrible to read. I’m sorry. I feel like an absolute idiot! I know I make lots of typos, but this was bad.

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      1. Understandable. I haven’t been writing at all; officially I’m taking a planned break, but life has just gotten in the way of everything. I did very quickly write a first draft of a story in a 24-hour span when I wanted to remember every little detail of what happened two weeks ago (did I tell you about that? It involved a frantic drive to not be late somewhere?). So I wrote a fictionalized account of what happened, changing only the names of the people, places, and entities involved. But I read it a few days ago and realized I left out a couple of important parts of the back story, and it could use some editing too.


      2. I don’t believe you did tell me. But honestly, I have been in the twilight zone for the last month or two… so I may have just forgotten. My days are running together! It sounds like you are going through it too! I live for the moments I can write even a short poem anymore… read a few comments or a couple of blogs… time is slipping away from me lately.

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