Sweet Valentine’s

Gigi’s World… we just live in it

This was G’s Valentine’s box. Her class did a contest on everyone’s Valentine’s box, the most hearts and how creative it was. This last week she wasn’t feeling great, so I did most all her decorating… sadly she somehow did not win. I saw the other boxes and I can’t believe she didn’t but maybe I’m hurt because I put in so much work into this Valentine’s box. It only took me two days to do this… ya know, while I was doing everything else, I have to do. But it’s fine. LOL 🤍💘

Just me forcing G to take a picture with her parents before her first dance EVER… Mean mom that I am.
This is REALLY my favorite picture. She faked very well the other ones, but you can really see her enjoyment in this one. She loves us… I promise. HA! 😆🤍

LOVE 💘xoxo SK

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