I am Different

I am made different. I am not made like you.

It’s a hard reality that I’m learning how to get along with.

It’s not an insult, a dis, or a putdown. It just is.

My walk on this earth has a different vibration.

These eyes see things clearly. I hear and observe what others miss.

What you think is funny and corky, or just my wit, is much more.

I see you for who you are.

Being made differently is lonely. I am always set apart.

Sometimes by force and other times naturally.

I get treated differently than others. Blatantly. Rudley.

I’m always on the outside looking in. Never part of the team, or the group, always an outcast.

An onlooker, the sightseer. But things are clear from over here.

I’ve contemplated this my whole life. Why? Is it a curse or a blessing?

Do I attract jealousy, insecurity, control, and manipulators?

It would seem so.

Because wherever I go, there they are… I see you.

Peeling my peace away. Faking a smile. Pretending to like me.

You are no friend of mine.

I see things for what they are. I see them for who there are. Striped away, vulnerable, scared, and lairs.

Authority hacks use this falsehood to keep their heads above the waterline.

Grinning at me as if I can’t see their schemes. I see them.

You are artificial. At best.

I see the weakness. Their fears. Their passive-aggressive maneuvers. Trickery.

How I feel for you. What a strain it must be to live such a lie.

It’s so sad how they flounder about, helpless, and lost.

Using me as their cover for their own lack. Deception. Smoke and mirrors.

I take the brunt of their tactics for now. My peace is disrupted. Shunned and separated.

It works for a while.

They use and abuse the power of administration for their personal gains.

Which might work for a bit. I take their underhanded punishments.

But those emulous ways can’t hide in the dark forever. The green glow of envy shines brightly for all to see.

It becomes evident to everyone. Missdeeds are made known.

I know this all to be true because I’ve been here before.

For I am the light.

Revealing all that hides in the dark… Are you ready?

You should be scared.

A poem about embracing being made differently. I am different.



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