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Building My Reader Feed| Exercise

Easy…So I thought!

This was an easy exercise for me at first because I have been part of the WP community since 2017 and have found my favorites over the years. However, the lesson itself helped to explain the reason behind having a Reader Feed and how it is organized.

I honestly, don’t use the Reader Feed much and didn’t understand the point. But now that I do, it helps me to utilize the reader Feed the way it was meant to be used. Who would have thought?

First of all, now that I know the Reader Feed is organized by tags and categories that seem obvious but never gave it much thought before. Knowing this information, I will categorize and tag my own blogs with more thought. It helps me to find the content I am looking for with ease.

I never thought about creating or even using the Reader page? Once you clicked on your Reader Feed you can see all your favorites nicely organized for you! You can view every site you follow, and read them right there! You can share, like and comment, and even search for more!

I never really explored this and once I did, I felt like this was so blatantly obvious that I should have been doing this a long time ago! The more you know… I guess! I haven’t done this yet, but I did see where you can download your Reader Feed right to your personal desktop for quicker access. (I’ll update you if I do it.)

My Reader Feed| Currently

In my Reader Feed, I have all the blogs that I followed, labeled Following. This is the first image you see. The second is labeled Discover. This is where I can search for other creators and find new content. Next is Likes, where I have already read and liked someone’s context. The last is Saved. I had no clue what this was and have not saved anything yet. I will now make sure to use this. I want to clarify that the Reader Feed I am looking at and sharing with you for this post is from my phone, using the WP app. The one on my laptop does look different but it’s the same idea.


  • Follow 5 new blogs that spark interest and build my Reader Feed.

I choose to start following:

  1. I highly recommend her! I am just started to share my short stories and she has it down! Little spooky, horror stories are her gift! Very entertaining and she’s funny, what a bonus! I just started reading and can’t wait for more! LOVE HER! I personally liked her story, She Wants Her Baby. Click here to read.
  2. I loved this one so much! I wrote probably the longest comment I have on anyone’s blog ever. Sweet and emotional poetry.

I went through my Reader and searched for new inspiring writers and creators. I started to follow a couple but the topped 2 I wanted to share them with all of you. I hope you’ll check them out!



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