Exercise: Brainstorming

This exercise was to try my hand at some brainstorming! We were asked to try a couple of different methods and see which ones work best for us. There are many different types but the 3 that I choose are as follows.

  1. Deep drive the internet-Google or whatever search engine you choose. Go to Reddit and ask interesting questions. See what comes up and record everything!
  2. Visual inspiration-Google or Pinterest to find an image. Search keywords. Make a Pinterest board and see what comes up. Write down!
  3. Mind-mapping-Write the main topic in the center and then break it down from there. Keep breaking down until the timer goes off.

I choose 3 Brainstorming strategies and timed myself for 10 minutes with each Brainstorming method and I used my writer’s notebook to record my findings. (To read more about my writer’s notebook click the link above.)

Record it in my Calendar

Writing my task down helps me to manage my time efficiently and stay on task. The first thing, I did was to add this exercise to my calendar. Not everyone needs to do this but I do! I just did a quick timeline on how I wanted to tackle this exercise and get a post made. Nothing too busy or difficult.

My calendar tab in the writer’s notebook
Easy date-time line

Time to Brainstorm…

I did all my brainstorming in my writer’s notebook as well but for this portion, I worked under the suction Writing Prompts. If you click the link you will be directed to my Pinterest. Specificly, my Pinterest Board titled Writing Blog.

Creative Writing Prompts Tab

Deep Dive Into The Internet– Brainstorming Strategy One

A deep dive into the internet is at the bottom of this page. You will refer back to this image again later in this post.

Visual Inspiration– Brainstorming Strategy Two

Visual Inspiration can be found in the middle of the image above in green writing. Here’s a closer image of what the image I chose in my notebook.

Visual Inspiration image

Mind-Mapping– Brainstorming Strategy Three

Mind-Mapping recorded in my notebook

Putting It To Work

After doing all three of these different strategies I had to put them to work. I took all three Brainstorming practices and wrote a short piece.

Putting the brainstorming to work!

Water Connection of Life

Water is our life source. Not only does it surrounds us, and make up the sky and earth, but it’s the largest portion of the complex human makeup. We are drawn to water because it’s the giver of life. We are fearful of it for the same reason. Sometimes it’s small. Water is home to the tiniest of organisms, at the same time being it’s massive. It breathes life to an entire planet, and every human being. It’s a power that’s hard to grasp and should be respected. It’s no wonder we humans have a strong and profound connection to nature, to water, as we fragile, intricate souls rely on it for our survival. We rely on the energy of water in ways we don’t even understand. The connection for life, to gain peace, to restore and recenter our hearts. We go to the water for grounding, reflection, and serenity. To pray and be with God. Water is not only fuel for life but for our souls.



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