Thankfulness Week

Today I am thankful for family.

My sister Melissa- was so sweet, so giving and kind. She went all out and made that most amazing dinner for my husband’s birthday. It was delicious! 🤤

I’m sure it was expensive but the time and effort that was put in to get that meal planned and prepared! It was so much! I am just so grateful for it all!

She always has a nice, clean house but I could see that she did extra for us and I’m just so appreciative of the time and effort. It didn’t go unnoticed. We all were so impressed and enjoyed it!

The gangs all together
Enjoying an amazing meal 🥘
Jason’s second cake 🎂
My guy being celebrated for the second time! LOL
Happy birthday 🎁 Make a wish!


11 thoughts on “Thankfulness Week

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    1. This was such an amazing cake for my husband’s birthday last year. We have tried to recreate it, but it hasn’t been the same. I hate when that happens! I love fruit, so this was one of my favorites!


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