My Home

Texas My Home

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It took me so long to find you

This place I fit

I call you my home

Not the plains, west, east, or the north

Nothing felt right for me anywhere I traveled

The journey was long and the lessons hard…

But finally it was you dear south that welcomed me

It was you Texas that called me home

My perfect friend

The family I needed

The place I’ve been wandering this broken Circle for

My home here on earth

Texas my home sweet home


Friday Night Lights
Car line at school
My backyard view
Church family
Local coffee shops
Gigi’s dance classes
MCROTC Tristan making us proud 🥲
Making amazing friendships ♥️
This beautiful state
Friendship bonds and a great small town
Painting skies
Exploring the goodies
Soooo much to see and explore
Building memories
Exploring our history

I love you Texas… my home


12 thoughts on “My Home

  1. I’m happy for y’all! I’m happy for you! You really have lost a ton of weight!

    I know you’re going through a lot right now but keep your head up!

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    1. I am going through a lot and it just feels so weird. I have so much I want to share and say… especially with my dad but I can’t right now and it sucks. He’s such an important person in my life and right now I am so far from him mentally and it just sucks! But yes! I have lost a ton of weight! I’ve been really working on myself… all areas! Mentally, emotionally, spiritually and physically! I am almost the size I was in high school now! I feel more like myself!

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      1. I feel bad for my friends because I’m so unstable… I’m good. I’m not good. I’m here. I’m gone. 🤦‍♂️

        I’d be done altogether but it’s friends like you that keep me around. I can’t just abandon y’all. And your care and concern helps me.

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      2. I’d hug you if I could … I might break you because you’re so tiny now 😁

        I can say definitely that I’m not blogging again anytime soon. I can’t.. I’ve got healing and strengthening to do. I might stay on here for a while.. I don’t know. But you know how to get a

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      3. Awe… LOL… Hugs are good! LOL! I’ll email later this week and try to caught you up…. if you even want that! HA!
        As for the writing… You have to do what’s right for you. Lucky for me I have met many in my small circle that understand the ways of an empath. It can be such an amazing super power and at the same time the worse kryptonite to my whole well-being. It’s just crazy! I’m thankful to have so many to love on me!

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      4. I’ll leave that completely up to you. I know that kind of back and forth is probably aggravating. And since I’ve been called aggravating repeatedly since I was back I guess I’ll stop… lol.

        You’re an awesome person Skelly. Keep writing! You’re very understandable if people put the effort in.

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