Table for one

I’m sitting here at Denny’s by myself and I’m good with! It’s different, feeling alone and actually being alone. Being alone on Purpose is interesting. I’m taking everything in around. I wondering if I seem weird or sad to others, if they even notice me at all? I see a group of old retired men. […]

Hard To Breath #hillfire #santaanawinds

Santa Ana Wind I never realize what wind could do! I lived in North Dakota/ Minnesota before moving here. There were days the wind would howl at 60-70 mph for days and nothing really happened. Your hair would get messy, your front door decorations and all your flower pots would blow away but […]

California On Fire 🔥

This is will be a quick one. These pictures are at 2pm Thursday. We have been evacuated! We’re on the Hill Fire 🔥 side/ Thousand Oaks… it’s so sad. It’s overwhelming and confusing. We’ve never dealt with anything like this ever. I’m lost. I’m literally lost. I can’t find my way around on a normal […]

Home Sweet Temporary House

Everyone Is Content ❤️ We are finally settled in apartment! It’s beautiful! I drink my coffee as the early morning fog settles around the Santa Monica hills, the pups are at home in my bed as usual. The kids love all the places to walk to and the pool! This Place is nicer than any […]

California Bound P.3

Wow! Today was crazy… and beautiful. The states we hit today were the end of Colorado, Utah, a Corner of Arizona and then Las Vegas, Nevada! We depend so much on our technology these days! We solely depend on our fancy Google and iPhone Maps to get us where we’re going! Sometimes these maps take […]

California Bound P.2

The Beautiful Colorado Rocky Mountains We were blessed enough to see the beautiful fall colors of the Rocky Mountains! There was so much to take pictures of, the beauty was overwhelming. We went through Idaho Springs, all the way to The town of Dillion into Grand Junction, Colorado. The views we absolutely stunning! The air […]

Cali Bound P.1

My Wray Fam ❤️ What a freaking emotional 😭 last few days! I don’t think my heart can handle much more! All of these goodbyes are so painful 😣 It’s all so much. My headache is never going to go away. I did have an amazing time visiting with my Aunt, Uncle, cousins and my […]

Cali Bound

Back At It… Yesterday was… a lot! We drove about 8 hours on very little sleep and we’re extremely overwhelmed with emotions. Saying goodbye was harder than we thought it would be! But It felt amazing to get to our hotel and hit that soft bed after that drive! We went through North Dakota, South […]

The Next Chapter P.3

We were tired 😴 to say the least but happy that the house part is nearly over! And I feel like Minnesota was saying goodbye to us as well, with a beautiful sunset. It’s Saturday! We meet with our Realtor today and hand over our keys to her! This is such a relief! The thing I […]