Intro to Blogging: Social Media Exercise

Connecting Social media networks

Why is Social important?

In this exercise, I felt fortunate to be ahead of the game. Sure, I have some tidying to do but for the most part, I am well-rounded in social media. This is coming from a girl who isn’t much of a fan of social media and not because I think it’s terrible or rotting our brains. I don’t like it because every time I do one simple post I lose an hour… Anyone else?

Doom scrolling

Maybe I am promoting my new post, my daughter fundraising at school, or sharing my weekend date night, nothing that should take more than 5 minutes to do. Still, somehow I get locked in and lose track of time and that’s why I am not a fan of Social Media. It’s me.

But it is important to have an established social media platform for publicizing our blogs and posts. This is something I have always understood. Personally, for me, I want to keep my social media for my blog separate from my personal life but I don’t think everyone has to do that.

In the lesson today, I was reassured of a few things I’ve found to be true in the blogging world. One is the sense of community and support. That only grows stronger with your social media network. I didn’t know this was a fact but it’s something I have been living out in the years I have worked with WP. We are great at caring for and loving each other! I’ve always been proud to be part of this community! Side note-Even when my family and friends didn’t get it and some still don’t support me… YOU ALL always have!

Sharing my post, thoughts, and ups and downs of life have made me feel closer with my little following on fabricthatmademe and me with all of you over the years! It’s been because of their amazing post and how we all have connected using social media. I never really understood the value until this exercise today.

Sharing and promoting each other posts has also been the more significant support I have seen! I have shared so many blogger posts that have inspired and moved me over the years. Sadly, I feel like that’s something many creators have moved away from. I still, believe we are a support and encourage bunch but we don’t reblog or share like I remember when I first started. We had so many awards, and community challenges to connect us and we have none now. I miss that.

Which social media platforms are right for you?

Simply stated whichever ones you use the most are the right ones. WP is great for making this process simple for someone like me who is inept in the tech world. A long while ago I added my preferred social media sites and have updated them a few times since then. Not only do my published post go directly to my social media sites, but an image and messages that I saved are ready to go. I can change this whenever I need to. It’s simple to connect, reconnect and remove my platforms. If I can do it, anyone can.

My social media sites:

I do have a Tumblr and Twitter account but I am not as active on them and don’t comment on them. However, I share my blog on all these social media networks as well.

Social media icons. Lady on laptop. Images from Pinterest


I am connected to the social media site that I prefer but it’s good to check in and clean house. That’s what I did today! Fresh things up.

The other part about this was the share buttons. Making it easy for readers to share and support your hard work is important. I have found as I’ve started to follow new writers that I can’t reblog, share, or like their posts because they don’t have a bottom for me to do that. I wish they did. It’s a vital tool that is being overlooked. Every post needs a way to share and like their post. Your blog needs a follow button and I shouldn’t have to spend forever looking for it… most people will pass on following you.

Check-in and updating the ease-to-support my blog is super important. I want people to know I am here! Read my words!

The last thing is commenting. I try to be good about this when I read a blogger’s work but I haven’t been the best. I might love it but not let them really know “why” I loved it. I just hit the like button and move on.

When I first started writing commenting was big, but again something that has died off a bit. I want to be better about this. Asking questions and telling the author why I enjoyed their work so much. We all want to hear that!



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