What’s Happening Everybody?

Grateful and doing what I can to turn the storm to sunshine.

Panic Attack

Why am I having trouble right now? I hate the way my body feels and looks! It’s making things near impossible for me to take care of hundreds of things that I have my plate right now. I’m hot. What I mean by that is, I’m dying of heat stroke! Every since my hysterectomy my …

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The Secret |A Clear and Light Soul

  The Secret This blog isn't about the book, The secret ( which, I've read and is amazing ) or the upcoming movie with Katie Holmes. No this post is about the true secret of the mind power we all possess. How my overall health is changing in the most amazing ways because of my …

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Memorial weekend

  For the longest time, this one extended weekend that we get out of the year, is the one I dread. Memorial Weekend. Sure, it's sad for lots of families, wives, husbands, sons and daughters and aging parents but that's not why I hate it. I lost someone so important to me that I actually …

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