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Eat Up. The story of Sweet Vera| Ch.2

Thank you for joining me and exploring more on the tales of sweet Vera's Life. Let's dig in and see what we uncover today. If you need a refresher or you're joining us for the first time click the link to read Chapter One. I hope you're enjoy this creepy story in this spooky season!… Continue reading Eat Up. The story of Sweet Vera| Ch.2

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The Shadow People

*Photo courtesy of Shadow people- Psychonutwiki Shadows People That ghostly moment you realize that shadow isn't yours. cartakerparanormal.wixsite.com *courtesy of Pinterest I see you here, I see you there. You hide in plain sight everywhere. In my peripheral, shadows dash from my sight. Nevertheless, I feel their ghostly presents filling the night. Skelly Paranormalhorror.com Phantom… Continue reading The Shadow People