Music makes us feel things. It takes us back, helps us to process the madness in our minds. This song sparked something in me. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=m7Bc3pLyij0   The Song Happier- Marshmello ft. bastille Have you ever heard a song and immediately been taken back to a time or place? All the feelings that you felt back … Continue reading Happier

Caught Up In My Head

      Being in totally recovery mode for as long as I have been gives you sufficient time to think...and think some more. Which truthfully has been a good thing (mostly). I have spent the last few months...8 months earlier or more trying not to think (too) deeply into things but you know me, … Continue reading Caught Up In My Head

Be Happy

I have realized that sometimes, no matter what's happening in the world around you or even to you, you have to create some happiness for yourself. Be Happy! Be Thankful! No matter what else is happening SMILE anyway!   Jason, my Husband and myself are on a self-improvement kick right now. It feels really good. … Continue reading Be Happy

Standing Tall…

Standing Tall in the midst of everything. This last week was painfully hard. I want so badly to write about it and share....(oh to get it off my chest would be amazing) what's happening in my family and even more personally to me but unfortunately it could cause a chain reaction, that's not positive. I … Continue reading Standing Tall…


Finding my center I know all the self-care tricks...let's be real about this... I've been at this mental health game for awhile now. You know, picking myself back up after a emotion slip up. I know all the different mindful tricks in the book by now and I agree that most work. I also know … Continue reading Recovering