Table for one

I'm sitting here at Denny's by myself and I'm good with! It's different, feeling alone and actually being alone. Being alone on Purpose is interesting. I'm taking everything in around. I wondering if I seem weird or sad to others, if they even notice me at all? I see a group of old retired men. … Continue reading Table for one

My Favs

In a time where we read so many dislikes and pet peeves... which I have plenty of, I thought maybe I should share 20 of my favs. As most of you, that read my blog already know, I'm in bed a lot right now, in pain and awaiting my surgery in another week. This has … Continue reading My Favs

It’s Monday

  I swear my head is all over the place today! I took out the coffee creamer and put it back three times before I ever used it today! What's wrong with me! I am just having a day! I can't seem to get my stuff together. It's not a bad day, just a weird, unorganized … Continue reading It’s Monday

I’m Doing Fine

  You don't need to worry about me. I have it under control. Everything is alright.   I think we have all been there before. We say we're fine and maybe we are alright. We are making it but we aren't really fine. If someone really sat down and talked to us we could have … Continue reading I’m Doing Fine