We’re Gonna Have Moments|Everyone Hurts

Everyone Hurts

Everyone hurts sometimes We’re all the bad guy in someone’s story We’ve keep someone up all night Made them cry and broke their heart Marks have been left that just simply have become stains We have been hit with some stones ourselves but we sure do know how to throw them too We could make it right but our prideful ways stop us Act like you don’t care and you’re fine but it’s a lie You’re broken behind the jokes Try to sleep it off but the pain in your head remains Sometimes we have direction and things seem clear But most days we’re living on prayer. Asking for forgiveness and guidance but not giving it Not one of us has had an “easy” life We all get a life and it’s up to us to decide what to do with it Most of us are busy messing up a lot along the way But sometimes we do get a few things right after a couple tries We stop an unhealthy cycle of abuse and being thrown away We finally forgive and project more love than anger We allow people to have different opinions than us and it doesn’t change how we treat them Because we find away to treat everyone with that golden rule Treat everyone the way you’d WANT to be treated It happens when our poor attitudes hurt people we love But luckily those people sometimes understand mental health really well Thankful not everyone lives by the get them before they get me way of life Some people have experience Grace and Mercy so great that they know when they need to give it and want too Other times you know when it’s time to protect and stand in the gap To say what you mean and mean what you say Sometimes it’s all wrapped up in the same package When our depression or anxiety is what hurts more than just ourselves When that ripple effect goes farther than we ever thought it would That’s when we know it’s not a phase It’s very real and scary Asking for help is hard when everyone comes to you for help You’re the strong one, carrying the world, being the glue It’s hard to say the words “I’m not okay” but not impossible This is our real life with real emotions that change the people we are Sometimes getting help saying I’m sorry is harder than the pain we’re going through but it’s our only choice Recognizing something isn’t right is the first step Then know you’re not the only one seeing gray we all get it and forgiveness is for you too We find our strength in our weakness -Sk