Welcome To My Life

Hi, my name is Sarah (sk)! I’m a mom, a wife, animal lover, essential oil user (DoTERRA Pure Oils) and faithful servant…who fails all the time. I have loved to write ever since I was a kid. I write to process this life of mine as it hits me in the face. This blog has been a saving grace to me, the connections that I’ve made have been an amazing support to me. I have this beautiful freedom to create and share, it’s such a joy. All this has been an awesome support and uplifting experience to my soul! I have a different type of confidents in my writing and in each step that I walk this Earth! I know that my writing isn’t the best! I have a long way to go before it’s even consider good but it’s what I love, it’s my therapy and it’s something I truly enjoy.

It’s a passion, freedom, and a release. I feel so honor to be able to do this and share my life story with you.

I write about my life, family, my faith and different things that happen to me in my day to day.  Sharing my life in this blog/vlog is such a blessing and I hope you’ll join my life journey. This blog is full of ups and downs because that’s life, right!

It’s my life, it’s real! All the good and the bad. I’ll see ya around…I hope!

xoxo sk