This Blog and All These Plugins| The Confusion

question mark blog

I made the mistake of changing all my plugins and now my blog and whole site is a mess now….What the hell is my problem? This is just me pretending that I know what I’m doing because my blogging content feels so slate. My brain is broken. Well, that’s not true…I truly have so much to say but I have to keep it private for now.

Because I get bored but also enjoy the process of changing up my page, I went to town the other day on my site. I honestly should have left it alone. But I read a blog on LinkedIn about Math Rank instead of using Yoast SEO. I looked into it after reading this blog for a whole 3 seconds and took the plunge and started changing my theme over and over until I started notice some features that I really like having were missing. Dang it!

I worked on this for 6 long hours but it was getting so late, nearly 3am and I couldn’t keep my eyes open. So I shut my computer down and tried again the next day. This time my Gavatar was gone, social media menu and none of my images would show up. What the heck is going on!!!

After a few crappy YouTube Videos trying to fix the mess that I made I was able to half repaire my mess but my poor blog is not to my liking at all…yikes! There are still so many missing pieces that aren’t working right still and I can’t fix it. I got rid of Math Rank- I’m sure it’s great, I’m just an idiot. I got Yoast SEO back…somethings came back but others did not.

So basically my lack of being able to write EVERYTHING that I would normally write about has caused me to have some terrible idle-hands and play around in ways that I just don’t have the knowledge to deal with.

So please if anyone can pass some knowledge my way to correct this, I’m all ears.