Things That Make You Go, mmm?

Things That Make You Go, mmm?

Is it possible that people make themselves busy on purpose to avoid being alone with themselves?

That is question, I’ve been distracting myself with today as I’ve been incredibly busy. It’s business that was out of hands though. It was NOT brought on by me!

I Love Podcast Too Much…

While prepping for this move to New Jersey, I have been listening to many, many hours of podcast. Everything from The Joe Rogan Experience, Armchair Expert, repeats of The Jordan B. Peterson Podcast, and  The Way I Heard It with Mike Rowe.

The Joe Rogan Experience

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The Jordan B. Peterson Podcast


Mike Rowe podcast- The Way I heard it


I actually enjoy listening to music usually but lately these interviews, or just the matter being discussed, have been just what I need right now. I’m laughing and engaged and I like that!

The juices are flowing and I’m intrigued and definitely entertained. Besides the fact this definitely makes the time go faster, it’s giving me a lot to think about. These different subjects get me taking a deeper look at myself and it doesn’t hurt getting some new writing ideas out of it!

Answering the question…

I personally like being alone. I’m a bit of an introvert. Yet, I also enjoy being social. If in smaller crowds and in smaller doses. I definitely can get lonely though.

However, I know hundred percent, can say with all certainty…. I am not someone who fills my calandra up so I’ll never be alone. If anything I’m the complete opposite. I need to free time, alone time, down time, chill time..all that stuff.

I actually need to be better about putting myself out there and making myself more social and available to others. I’m kind of terrible about that. This is something I plan on working on in the next place we move.

How about you?

Are you someone who puts your kid in a million activities or over books yourself? What’s the reason? The say the root of all is FEAR… Do we cause chaos in our life on purpose because we fear being alone? We fear the silence?