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Vlog One ☝🏽
The moving crew is here! I have racked my brain 🧠 making sure I haven’t missed anything! I  am surviving on 4 hours of sleep and  pure caffeine today! 😬 The kids are doing well  considering they have to stay confined to one tiny area and stay out of the way! The dogs are super confused and not not happy. I’m going with the flow. God willing… I started my day with coffee and my Bible app… it’s gonna be alright.   Ready or not California… xoxo sk  


I'm Skelly! I'm a beginner in the writing world. It's through observing and be a great listener that I translate all my experiences through writing. Sometimes it's journaling and other times it's through poetry.
I've been blessed with a passion for sharing the world around me through words.
Come interrupteur the world with me. It's so much better with company!

11 Replies to “The Next Chapter p.1”

    1. Dang! Girl! I’m not sure why it won’t play for you! I started use a difference app and the upload/ download times were so much faster! I know I’m dealing with horrible internet since our house in torn apart… not sure if that would effect anything. If you have any of suggestions of apps I could use to video download upload whatever could think might make it easier please suggest them to me I will take any suggestions at all from anyone! Especially since we are going to be traveling and I will be blogging from the road! I want to make sure everyone can see/ read join the journey!! 😊

      1. Sadly, I don’t know any apps. I know one of my brothers who also runs a blog, when it comes to uploading videos on his blog, he does ‘insert link’ and the videos come up and play alright. Would that help for you?

  1. 4 hours sleep and caffeine binges are my everyday lol! God bless you!

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My name is Skelly. I am a mother, a wife and unfinished project for life. Writing and researching has been part of my life since I could hold a pencil in my hand. Mental Health and Spiritual Wellness is a focus of mine, as I grow stronger in faith. Now, I hope to revisit storytelling, poetry and journal writing and the YouTube world possible to share and connect with all of you! Thanks for sharing in this life with me!

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