The Giver

the giver

The best gift that I could ever give you is the gift to know the One who made you.

take a sit and put up your feet

eat this bread then rest your head

come inside, it’s warm and dry

new threads and a kiss on your forehead

whatever you need I want to pleases

if you’re sick, I’m your antibiotic

every story I will read

every meal I will feed

if you find that you’re wary

I’ll be here to carry

the day that you’re too tired

I’ll be here to inspire

has the dust been to much?

do not wince, away it’s rinsed

take my hands when you can

i will walk for you if you want me too

hold you tight throughout the night

you need my eyes to see?

then take them if you need

most of all you have to know

take this love and hold it so

love is all I have left to give

I hope it’s enough to help you live

the giver I have been to you

is nothing compared to what God can do

when you’ve failed,

see Grace unveiled

are you lost and have paid an Earthly cost?

have faith and know He loves you so

the ultimate Giver walks at your side

to create other givers now qualified