Breaking The Cycle|Discovering My Truth

I have been going through… a lot.   I sat here in the dark and stared at this blank screen for an hour and that’s all I could do. I’ve been awake since 1am, now it’s 4am, I can’t seem to sleep. Sleep doesn’t happen too often. I think far too much and turning my […]

Becoming An Actor

Becoming An Actor Yesterday I listened to a very interesting podcast. Later, that lead to an intriguing and honestly quite funny conversation. The podcast was the interview of a physiologist named, Adam Grant. Here’s the podcast if you want to check it out: armchair expert podcast One reason I found it so interesting was […]

The J word…

That ugly word is JUDGMENT! That’s right! We all do it but we would never want to admit it. That’s what is done to us but we don’t do to others… oh no because that’s so wrong! Well, it is wrong but maybe not for the reason you thinking… So I have mentioned before in […]