Table for one

I'm sitting here at Denny's by myself and I'm good with! It's different, feeling alone and actually being alone. Being alone on Purpose is interesting. I'm taking everything in around. I wondering if I seem weird or sad to others, if they even notice me at all? I see a group of old retired men. … Continue reading Table for one

Fat Chick com’in through…

Ok...I'm warning ya'll right now, this post will be me beating myself up a bit. This is my very weird and unhealthy way of kicking my own ass in to gear. So here we go!    I don't know what happen to me today. Maybe it was catching a glimpse of myself in the background … Continue reading Fat Chick com’in through…

Twitchy Eye

I am honestly not sure if I have the worst allergies I have ever had in my life or if I just have a nice combo of pure stress and anxiety on top on the worst allergies that I've ever had in my life. I am telling ya'll, the right side of my face is deformed. … Continue reading Twitchy Eye

Who Am I Anymore

"Why am I a person?" My daughter ask. "God decided that you needed to be this person, just who you are", I answered back. "Why did He not make me a dog or a table or someone else?" "Why am I Grace?" "Because there was already plenty of sassy puppies and no table could embrace … Continue reading Who Am I Anymore