Writing ✍️ Drought

Here I go again... I've been working on a blog call 2018 Review but at this rate by the time I publish it'll be 2019 review! One thing making this difficult, is my WordPress dashboard changed on me and I don't know how to work it now... thanks a lot for that! My photos won't … Continue reading Writing ✍️ Drought

The Awesome Impact Award

What a surprise! What an honor! I can't tell you how much this means to someone like me, who has just a small little blog, with a tiny little following to get recognized! This is simply the sweetest things! Okay! Let's get down to business! I was nominated by the sweet and wonderful Racheal's Novels.  I … Continue reading The Awesome Impact Award

Twitchy Eye

I am honestly not sure if I have the worst allergies I have ever had in my life or if I just have a nice combo of pure stress and anxiety on top on the worst allergies that I've ever had in my life. I am telling ya'll, the right side of my face is deformed. … Continue reading Twitchy Eye

This Journey’s Coming Together

  June 1... I am so excited...I know, I keep saying that! But really...this is crazy exciting! I am really ready to connect with you all in such different and maybe "real" way for me. I love it and I can't wait! At the same time, I still have plenty of work to do! This … Continue reading This Journey’s Coming Together

It’s Coming Along

  The Joy project  Well, I'm sure glad that I gave myself so much time to get my business site up and running (mostly),  Jōy-Terra Essentials. It's not perfect but I think for not having any help and never doing this before, it's damn good. I am running on pure passion, a deep belief and nothing … Continue reading It’s Coming Along

Standing Tall…

Standing Tall in the midst of everything. This last week was painfully hard. I want so badly to write about it and share....(oh to get it off my chest would be amazing) what's happening in my family and even more personally to me but unfortunately it could cause a chain reaction, that's not positive. I … Continue reading Standing Tall…

Who Am I Anymore

"Why am I a person?" My daughter ask. "God decided that you needed to be this person, just who you are", I answered back. "Why did He not make me a dog or a table or someone else?" "Why am I Grace?" "Because there was already plenty of sassy puppies and no table could embrace … Continue reading Who Am I Anymore