Life is meant to be lived fully

The Vincent Ehindero Blog Award

The Vincent EHINDERO BLOG AWARD | FIRST NOMINATION Thank you to Something to Stu over! I haven't received many blogging/ writer awards in over a year. I've had a terrible time figuring out my blog with all the changes in the new WP format and needing to renew my blog subscription was questionable for… Continue reading The Vincent Ehindero Blog Award

Writing Is Life

The Awesome Impact Award 2018 | Revisited 2020

Going through some of the awards that I have gotten over the past years, I wanted to keep and re-share this one. The reason being is because of the awesome person who gave me this award to me She has a great blog and although over the past few years, we may have drifted… Continue reading The Awesome Impact Award 2018 | Revisited 2020

Writing Is Life

The Special Bloggers Award

The Special Blogger Award  Again...I'm such a slacker...I'm super late responding to this honor and it's not because I'm not so tremendously grateful. Life have just gotten ahead me yet again! I am thankful and love doing these awards! With all that said lets' get to it! I have received this special award from a… Continue reading The Special Bloggers Award

Writing Is Life

The Sunshine Blogger Award

The Sunshine Blogger Award Firstly, I have apologize for my late response for this honor. I have no good excuse other than being overwhelmed with life. These awards do mean so much to me and I honestly do enjoy doing them! Who doesn't appreciate some validation for the hard-work and love they have put into… Continue reading The Sunshine Blogger Award

Writing Is Life

The Blogger Recognition Award!

Holy Moly! It this for real?!?   !!THE BLOGGER RECOGNITION AWARD!!   I know I've said this before but every-time that I get an award, I seriously am floored! I am humbled and so beyond thankful to be recognized! I love this little blog of mine (my baby). I love to write, it's a passion… Continue reading The Blogger Recognition Award!

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The Awesome Impact Award

What a surprise! What an honor! I can't tell you how much this means to someone like me, who has just a small little blog, with a tiny little following to get recognized! This is simply the sweetest things! Okay! Let's get down to business! I was nominated by the sweet and wonderful Racheal's Novels.  I… Continue reading The Awesome Impact Award