Peaceful Indifference|Refreshened

I’m so excited to keep this journey going, freshening and cleaning up my old blog post! Keeping a Fresh Blog: What To Do With Old Blog Post? It’s been interesting going through some of these past blogs and remembering the places -emotionally I was. I have came far! I’m so much stronger than I give myself credit for. 

When updating/editing this post, I wasn’t sure if I even wanted to share it again. The post itself is relevant to my life currently but truly this blog is not the best post. Even with the few adjustments that I made…I still don’t know what my point was at time of writing this? I wrote this back in March 22, 2018.

I’ve decided to keep this post and change a few things because currently I am in a season of getting back in the driver seat of my life and being fine with other people feelings…whatever they might be. So with all that said I hope you all enjoy! 

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You are the driver of your own life. Don’t let anyone steal your seat.



Silence, is the best reply to a fool. 


Friendships are equal give and take, and her drama is way too much give.

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Peaceful Indifference

I have trouble with my self-esteem from time to time. There are weeks that my anxiety is worse than others. One thing that I DO NOT struggle with in the slightest is having empathy for others.

I know I have that!

As I’ve gotten older and gained more life experience and found my spiritual path, I don’t want to put energy in people or things that don’t aline with my goals, my spiritual path, or anything the has the tiniest bit of negative to it or them. I don’t have the need to voice my opinion all the time or speak my peace. There’s no need if you’re confident in your space and I am.

It’s a misconception that when I’m quite or when I am kind in my replies, that I must be too scared to have my own opinions. I must be plain weak! I hate to sound like a politician but “let’s be clear”… anyone choosing to be a loud, jerk over supporting and encouraging others is not a weak person. Being a supportive, positive influence in people’s life, a person who can prioritize what’s worth energy in your brains space…that’s not bad. That’s a good thing!

I have my thoughts and my opinions and sometimes they don’t always match up with the people around me, sometime they do. I’ve choose to keep my thoughts and views to myself for a really long time but totally and completely quiet while the loud ones scream around me. At times it’s hard to bit my lip! Over the last year (April 2019- currently) I found myself in a place of indifference. I peacefully don’t give a F if my choices, my life,  makes anyone mad. I still will love you, respect you and be apart of your life either way.