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Well isn’t that the truth…

I have a long standing issue with caring far too damn much what other people think and letting myself become paralyzed over it! I walk a thin line often because I am by nature a fiercely loyal and protective person but yet blunt, which can hurt. It’s in my DNA to care and be straightforward. It’s a burden to carry such a conflict around all the time, everywhere I go. Are they the same?


Okay I get it…

Yes, they do but honestly… Anyone, given the choice would choose the band new perfectly sharpen crayon. Even me…the broken crayon.


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This is right on the money!

There are so many us everywhere! So then why do I feel so alien for being this way? Why does being so intune with myself and the environment make me seem strange or weird? It’s more normal than I allowed myself to believe. Maybe I’m not the weird one after all.


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That goes for ANYONE you love.

I could pick up the phone just as easy as anyone could but I’m not going to this time. It’s probably wrong of me but the pain this time was too deep. This time things will need to be different to make it better. One thing that has never changed for me is my LOVE. It’s alway been there.


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It’s a sad truth…

I know this one all too well. I’m not that same person that I was. Pain changed me to the very core of my being. Twisting my soul into knots! The recovery is slow to get back on your feet but you’ll never ever be the person you once were.


So simple but so rare.

My must haves>> One is CONSISTENCY which, I have had none of that in years. The others are, HONESTY-FAITHFULNESS-TRUST-SAFETY-SECURITY-PROTECTION-PASSION-LOVE-FRIENDSHIP-LAUGHTER. So very simple but so very rare…so rare in fact, that it’s damn nare extinct.

You’re so damn close.

I know what I’m missing, that one missing piece that can put everything back together. I hold it quietly in my heart, almost shamefully. One day it be free.



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We’ll get back there.

Seems like a lifetime ago but really it wasn’t so long ago. We have let life’s noise become  more important than us to many times. All this heaviness, stress, the chaos and all the damn noise…we allowed it all in. We did that.