Piece By Peace

Piece By Peace

I need my own space today.

Need this pressure in my eyes to go away.

 Today I can’t explain my world.

My tongues’ in knots, mind is swirled.

Today I don’t want to be strong.

But don’t worry nothing went wrong.

Today let me be quiet.

I need some time to be on my own and be private.

Let me have time to digest the energy that hit me today.

I’ll be back and everything will be okay.



To Love an Empath – HSP SOS

The World We Create: Sure in My Own Skin. "The Bohemian Type 4 with 5 Wing" Based on 'Pretty' By Ingrid Michealson. And The 'Mirror Effect' From Empaths.


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Hi✌🏼 I'm Skelly! I'm a beginner in the writing world. It's through observing and be a great listener that I translate all my experiences through writing. Sometimes it's journaling and other times it's through poetry. I've been blessed with a passion for sharing the world around me through words. Come interrupteur the world with me. It's so much better with company!

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