On The Road|The LAST 722 Miles

The Last 722 Miles

Blast From The Past

The last stretch of this move was the most scenic and beautiful. We really started to take notice of the landscape changes. The buildings and houses were all now made of brick and stones. What was once wide open spaces of farmland, were now acres upon acres of  dense forest. The air lost its smell of cow poop and now smelt like sweet rain. If I closed my eyes, the smell reminded me of being in the Rocky Mountains, camping after a rainstorm. The wet forest all around. Everything is damp, even the air. Everything covered by different shades a bright green moss.

It’s hard for an old soul like me not to feel excited, a little cozy and home-like already being here. All the history surrounding us. It’s clear that culture to runs deep here.

Our roots in fact, Irish and Italian- Our family started life here, right off the boat- working hard, creating businesses and making a name for themselves so many many years ago. It all started here.

It’s pretty amazing what our ancestors did with hard work, not a single hand outs. Hard work and a dream… and I’m guessing plenty of disappointments along the way because that’s life.

We now we have Parks bearing our last name, my childrens Great-Father worked for NASA, another built his own home after raising himself, teaching himself and created a small construction company on his own. They had many business, delis, bakeries and other stores, all self made people. I think it’s amazing.

Yummy Foods On Display

You can see it everywhere…our foods are fresh and on display! It’s like being in a cable network cooking show! The smells in the deil, the bakery, the produce…unbelievable! Nuts, different types of olives of every kind, the cheeses… oh my goodness the cheeses! Then the different types of meats…I can’t even pronounce them all! The fruit, and all the different produce is just insane! So fresh and so affordable! Plus now we can have fresh seafood! It’s an incredible thing but what makes it all that much more incredible is the price! Everything is easily 50-70% cheaper than California!

This place so far… literally is better in EVERY way! Everything is on a level I have never seen before. They didn’t have stores like this in Colorado! Never in Minnesota and forget about it… this wasn’t going on at the VONs in California! The grocery shopping here is like a fine art. It’s beautiful.


The Last Drive Through States

Finishing up Indianapolis, IN to West Virginia and finally into Mount Laurel, NJ.

As I said above, this part of our adventure was the most interesting part of our drive. We also made it into  a small part Pennsylvania before we came into New Jersey. Here are just a few Pictures.






























































































The waiting….

After we finally made it into New Jersey and into our hotel room. We…The adults wanted to sleep for a good 48 hours. One thing I haven’t mention in this whole thing (I don’t think) is we were trying to outrun a major winter storm. If you have watch the news at all, I’m sure you probably saw the huge storm that hit in California and traveled across the United States right behind us. Everyday we sleep-in a little later and later…the wear and tear on our bodies and minds was setting in. I was sick and trying to hide it and still fighting it. Jason was sore down into his bones. The kids didn’t really care about our bellyaching. Why would they, they get to sleep in the backseat, eat junk food, watch YouTube and play in every hotel pool that we went to. This was a vacation for them! We got very little sympathy from them when I would ask for some peace and quiet.

Once we got to our hotel we had to wait a few days to actually get to our Temp Housing that Jason’s company sets up for us. This ment being crowder for a few more day, wearing dirty clothes a few more day longer and crap sleep for everyone!

I could not wait to clean my poor truck out! I wanted some clean clothes and some alone time so badly! The moment we FINALLY got to go into our temp housing everyone was so happy! The kids have their own rooms and they are nice and roomy. This place is bigger than the junk we had in California. I will forever hate that place with all of my being! Just the fact the when it rains here the rain stays outside… wow… the small things! It’s such a nice place and all we need!

It was New Year Eve that we were told we could move into our Temp Housing. We unpacked and got settled in record time! 30 minutes and we were done and at home! It’s nice to actually cook dinner for my family and not eat out! Since it was New Years Eve we went to the store and got some goodies to enjoyed in our new place together. AT HOME! And I have to say it was pretty prefect. Especially, when I reflect on what was happening just last year and how I was feeling, how I being treated, what I allowed into my own life.

Things are so different right now. It proves that so much can happen in a year and not to ever give up. I am surrounded by so many negative forces in my life and many thing to block my light. It’s unfortunate that’s how it is… but I can’t control other people or everything that happens around me all the time. I can however control myself and what I will and will NOT do. I just have to keep pushing on and Loving hard the why God created me to do. I have plans in this life and I can’t let ANYONE stop me from them. I am thankful I had faith the size of a mustard seed in my weakest time to move a mountain.

I don’t care about people of this Earths approval or their disappointment or judgements in me anymore. It’s worn me out for too long and I’m over it. What I am looking for is God’s favor. That’s what matters. So the next time anyone feels the need to tell me their disappointments or judgements in some pointless, meanless matter… if you feel the need to include my name at all… don’t bother please. I’m busy living and I wish we all would. Happiness and health is what I want for all of us now!


“Because you have so little faith. Truly I tell you, if you have faith like a grain of mustard seed, you can say to this mountain, ‘Move from here to there,’ and it will move. Nothing will be impossible for you.”