On The Road|767 miles

767 Miles

Arizona to New Mexico to Colorado

This was the first leg of our adventure. Many many miles on these wheels!

The First Part Of Journey

As I mentioned also in On The Road|Headed To Colorado was our longest day on the road. We were able to slow things down a tab bit from there. Even though we were still trying to out run a winter storm!

We were so blessed to have had great weather all the way to Colorado! The day after we left Colorado, they were hit with nasty winter weather!

We’ve been a good day ahead of any wet weather but I’ve been fighting a head cold and so has Gigi… then Jason has aches and pain so every morning- we’re a little late hitting the road. That just means the storm is getting closer and closer to us everyday.

Finally Made It

Once we finally made it in to Colorado we felt relief! A hotel we would be at for a few days, times with family and we could get ourselves organized.

It was hard getting out of California. We had so many things and annoying people against us but we made it happen.

God made it happen. Jason and I came together, with God on our side… Thank you Lord! YOU got our butts to Colorado safe and sound!


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