On The Road| The NEXT 1,088 Miles

The NEXT 1,088 Miles

In my last blog On The Road|767 miles we were leaving Colorado. In this one we are now headed to Topeka, KS and into Indianapolis, IN. These were were long days and driving into the dark of night… some points it all seemed to drag on forever. Thank goodness for Grandma Megs Road Trip survival kit! We did have some games to play and junk food to eat…I’ll be running on the treadmill for a months! We got to see plenty of rest stops and gas stations, along the way…all very interesting… but one story my husband reminded me off that I wanted to share, actually happened in our first 767 miles.

We have a bad dog….

I mentions that we had our two dogs and two kids on this drive across the United States, which makes for many stops and coordination! On one of our first stops for gas, Jason got out to pump the gas. I decided that I would like to get out and use the restroom and get drinks for everyone…this meant that my little and not so little ducklings “have” to follow me into the gas station also, even though Jason is right there with them. Everything seemed fine still.

I come back out and asked Jason to unlock the truck as he goes to unlock the doors; he realizes he doesn’t have the keys. He looks at me funny and says “You don’t have the keys?” Immediately, I knew that my little Ella, my pug mix, had locked the truck doors and our keys were still in the ignition! She always jumps up on the handles of the doors and pushes all the buttons. Ella is locking, unlocking or messing with the windows all the time! I knew it was her!

Right away I hang myself off the side of the truck as I noticed we had the back window open and grabbed the snow-scraper. My thought was I could extend it and somehow unlock the door. I’m sure I looked super graceful doing this because it DID NOT work at all!

While I’m doing my circus routine off the side off the truck and our dogs are looking at us like we’re nuts, Jason has a great idea! He starts calling Ella over to door and trying to get her to jump on the handle over and over. She kept relocking the door but finally she did UNlock the door! Lesson learned there! We have a nutty dog that will lock us out of out truck! Take the keys with us ALWAYS!










Kansas To Illinois Pictures 

















New To Us All

Jason and have been through here, I believe when we were really little kids but we don’t remember much of it at all. Even though we both have family on the East Coast we have NEVER driven through this way so this road trip is new to us all and that pretty cool!

Everything we saw we all saw together for the first time. It’s awesome that even though we have to leave some close friends and family- we hate to do, we can also make really awesome memories like this together. So many people will never experience all the different places and people we have.

My family has a very unique perspective because we have lived in so many corners of the US and have visited many places in the world. We’re very blessed for that.

Over 1,000 miles is a lot on a person nerves but that’s nothing on how much more we have to go….

To Be Continued…