My Faith Statement | Revisited

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I will be spending some time going through all my old writings and freshening them up and cleaning house. This one is special to me. I have grown so much since the day I wrote this December of 2017. I still love and follow God with every fiber in me but my relationship with God has been through many dark valleys since the day wrote this back then. I’m so proud of the work I have done on myself, the lessons I have learned and the strength that I have gained through it all. I’m closer to God now then I ever was when I first wrote this. I’m so glad to rewrite this and bring it back to life.



 This is my Faith Statement. This is what I believe and have faith in. 


Lord God, I am YOURS only.

I ask that YOU fill my soul with YOUR LOVE, PEACE and JOY.

That YOU would give me the ability to feel YOUR LOVE and GRACE and to give this gift to others.

LORD I ask that it would be YOUR WILL to take away my worry, ease this pain and cast away any evil doers that may come for me or the people that I love.

Please LORD give me the wisdom to discern YOUR voice and know when it’s YOU that speaks to me and when it’s the world.

Furthermore, I ask YOU to make me brave enough to stand up firm when it is the world that speaks to me and continue to follow YOU.

GOD I ask YOU now and forever to pull me into YOUR presence and protect me and my loved ones with YOUR mighty hand and outstretched arms to shelter us, for YOU are our KING.

God I ask that YOU would cover us with YOUR GRACE, humble us with YOUR MERCY, and rescue us with YOUR GLORY.

LORD, please I ask YOU to protect us with your ARMOR each and everyday.

I trust in my KING, that YOU will never let me wander too far, for YOU are THE LIGHT in a dark world and I seek YOU.

I’ll never be so lost, alone or forgotten for YOU are there calling my name. YOU know my name.

I trust my GOD has always known my name. HE named me and created each fiber of my very being,

I have full faith in these words that I write, they are written on my heart.

GOD, YOU knew me before I walk this fractured Earth and have never left me.We walk together.

LORD YOUR LIGHT will save me, guiding each step that I make and protecting me in each misstep tha I take.  I am forever seeking YOUR guidance in my life.

I will follow YOU and listen for YOUR voice, for YOU are my GOD and I am YOUR faith servant. Well and good.

My gift is to be saved through FAITH and this is a true gift from GOD. What a BLESSING to know YOU’VE made a home for me.

Thank YOU for LOVING me, though I don’t deserve it, because YOU LORD are LOVE.

1 Corinthians 8:3


1  JOHN 4:8

Whoever is without love does not know God, for God is LOVE