My Birthday

My birthday is tomorrow and for some reason I feel the need to skip it.

My parents have been here this week from Tennessee. They had my oldest son, Tristan with them for two weeks. I don’t think Tristan is happy to be home and it’s bumming me out.

However, I’m having a good time with my mom and we’ve been working on my kitchen. It looks awesome! I love it!

My mom and me working on my kitchen ❤️
Updates made to my kitchen… we aren’t done yet!

I haven’t spent any time with my dad really at all. My dad spends every moment with my son and I’m not sure that my dad likes it here in New Jersey too much. I get the feeling he hates visiting me.

I guess for my birthday, I feel fortunate that I got to spent quality time with my mom. I think we both needed that! But I should only speak for myself. My dad chose to spend his time solely with Tristan.

I’ve always been so glad that my dad and Tristan are close but I do miss having time with my dad. I miss that.

Oh well.

My birthday is tomorrow. I’ll be 40! This has caused me to think pretty deep this last month. I am really happy about some things and really mad about others.

Because of this, I wish I could skip my birthday dinner this year. I have always loved my birthday but for the last 3 years… now 4 I hate them!


PS. I’ll update you when my mom and I get the finish product done!

I’m really so thankful and beyond grateful for this experience and time with her! 💗