Love someone who’s getting on your nerves

This is a short but sweet post.

Every morning I try to remember to read my devotions.

This is my way of putting on my armor and protecting myself from the annoying people in my life.

Actually, in all seriousness this is the way that I protect myself from the evil in the world.

Considering the state of the world today, I felt like this post in particular could help everybody.

Although my devotion today doesn’t speak on matters of the world- I feel it’s important to remind everyone God’s most important commandment.

Above all love ❤️

In my life, I’ve had a lot of a annoying-ness. (I know this is not a real word) 

But I like how The pastor in the above message- describes that LOVE is not an emotion but yet a decision. In other words a choice.

What if we made a decision to love each other, rather than to fight each other? To complain about it each other or just pick with each other?

What if we made the decision to love one another… what if our emotions caught up with our decision to love? Would we actually love everyone?

The real question is would the world ever give it a chance?

Would my friends ever give it a chance?

Would my family ever give it a chance?

Would I give it a chance?

❤️🤟🏽 Sk