Welcome To My Home


Welcome To My Home

It was 2016, I was “finally” working at a great school, with awesome people! I was happy and feeling complete! It had been forever it seemed, that I was stuck with clicky bosses and their brown nosing pets, illness and child-bearing, raising children, while working my butt off in so many classes and certificate programs – with no end or praise in sight! All the hard work and effort ever got me the happiness and the “praise”  or then pay I was looking for.

It was like a dream come true walking in to PEPC- Early Learning Center for me. I have never meet so many amazing and support ladies in all my life. Many churches and people in churches claim to serve God but most are just lip service to get people to sign up with them. I know both well. I have worked and attend these types of churches and befriended these types of people over the years. It’s draining! To be apart of a real organizations, that’s truly serving God, and is about LOVE first, was everything that I was searching for!

One day while in my classroom, I received a call from my husband in the middle of the day to tell me, that he had been let go from his job. I felt terrible for him. My guy. Jason is so smart, a genius, diligent and so very loyal. He’d made that company so much money over and over again and now this! He had taken pay cuts himself to save his employees from taking the hits and losing their jobs. The truth was the car business, was never going to match with his integrity and his heart.

My work wasn’t going to be enough to pay the bills, even though I was now making so much more at my new school. My workplace did come through for us though, in many ways! I had so many people reaching out in prayer to me. People I had never met before were offering to pay our bills, buy food, give me gas money and donate clothes for my kids! It was awesome and so humbling! So many times I would be packing up my classroom and headed to car just to find dinner for my whole family waiting for me in the lounge. If it wasn’t a coworker, it was a parent from our school or even a staff member or church member, who just wanted to server and help me and my family. We were so cared for.

My two teacher assistants would show up to class with lotions, soaps, coffees and essentials oils to helps me stay as unstressed as possible through it all. They were amazing! I thought “how am I so blessed?” After enduring a terrible “fake” Christian school for years, while going to school myself, along with taking every single certificate program in site…Now finally, I was in this beautiful caring place, with these beautiful caring people. I felt like I won the lottery! I was feeling so good in fact that I didn’t worry at all about Jason getting a new job. I knew God would provide. I was so faithful. This was the best I had felt… maybe ever. I was on a high, when most people would have been worried sick.

Jason was driving me to a dentist appointment when he got a call that changed all of our lives forever. Next thing that I knew I was giving my notice to the best place that I had ever worked or been apart of. It was time to follow Jason new career path. In 30 short days my family was moving to North Dakota. Soon to be residence of Minnesota.

All that happiness and joy, my faithfulness and security didn’t leave me overnight but it did leave me. In rushed the sadness and loneliness, the anxiety and depression. It got worse and more confusing over the years as we moved from Colorado, to North Dakota, Minnesota, California, then in 2020 to New Jersey.

UPDATE: As of 11/6/2020 I found out that the place that I planned to live for at least the next 5 years (NJ) will no longer be my home. We are being relocated yet again. This time to the San Antonio/ Austin Area of Texas. Here we go again. We only lived in NJ for just over 45 weeks! Crazy! 

Well…Here we come Texas!

All this moving around is what lead me to start fabricthatmademe. I know it’s so stereotypical in a way. Some lonely housewife has way too much time on her hands and needs a platform to rant. Well, in some people’s point of view a blog is just social media. No different then Facebook or twitter but I don’t see it that way at all. My blog is used for something that I have been doing my whole life. I believe that God lead me to it in my deepest time of need… writing.

State of Skelly/fabricthatmademe is a place that I go to write whatever comes to me. Here you will read my heart’s journey through some very tough and trying times. But you’ll also experiencing with me so much joy, laugher, learning and growth. You’ll read poems and notes, different quotes from different seasons of life. You’ll experience photos and more, as I document my families many roads trips and getting to know each new place we live.

You’ll see, this blog is more then a place to rant. Only God knows that I’m not a housewife with “nothing” to do! This is my leather bound notebook, full of blood, sweat and tears. It’s full of mistakes and mispelts words because my passion often gets the best of my fingers! The blog is my faith and soul all wrapped up into four small words that I made into one.




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