Head In The Clouds

Head In The Clouds ☁️

I lay in damp grass and close my sad eyes. Praying this all will pass me by. Let all the weight of the world fade away, for a moment I say goodbye. Brush my hands through the soft thin blades. I wish for a little trade. Filling my lungs with this humid salty air. I wonder is it all too much to repair? Slowly open my burning eyes to the heavens. Lord- I can’t take anymore suppression. Releasing the soggy, weighed balloon in my chest. Let it go… all years of destress. Clearing my burdensome, tortures mind. I try to believe I’m in a different time. I see the vibrant, bright light of white. It’s the most beautiful sight. The slow moving, velvet like cushions, blurred edges and odd shapes. It’s there I want to escape. Curvy and round or spears, defined and sharpen. Again Lord- give me another option. Every perfectly misshapen, puffy blanket, flowing gracefully unbroken into the next. Lord- why is this is all so complex! Contrasted by various shades of the truest blues. Give me Lord some good news! Descending into tones of purples and gray’s. When I sit back up, please bless me with some better days. Can I go there, to that castle in the sky? Will the softness greet me and a puffy fish will fly by? It’s to hard here and there’s times I don’t want to stay. My head is in clouds… it’s safer that way. Sk