Haters Are Real

I have never seen such hate and disrespect for each other ever. Even people we love… that are our friends… that we think are important and amazing will turn their backs on you and decide that you are a despicable human-being if you disagree with them.

What hell is going on? Is it not okay anymore to have different thoughts and opinions? Are we all supposed to be from the same mold, look, feel and think all the same? That is not what living here is about at all!

If I hear one more “ I don’t care, you can just unfriend me but I’m not being quiet anymore” completely rude, close minded, loudmouth statements… I am seriously going to shut down all my social media.

I’m not on the Right or Left. To be honest neither one of those fit me very well. I probably lean more conservative but I definitely have open minded views… but this “if you’re not with me, you’re against me” BS it’s too much! It’s completely unfair.

I’m here to say that I I love all of you!Whether you’re on the right or the left, no matter your political belief… I want you to have an amazing life! Live and let live!

I will still be here and still be your friend! I will still care about you and your family and your livelihood. No matter where you stand, it’s not going to change if I like you or love you or hate you for that matter.

What decides those things is your character. How you are as a person and how you treat others. Right now true colors are showing and it is truly sad… Earth shattering actually.

I wish we all could just be better humans because right now…we’re not!