Conderdiction Made Me

Conderdiction Made Me

 harden by hurt

 soften by experience

shy from betrayal

hopefully remembrance of joy

a shoulder to lean – I’ve been where you are

my circle is small

my friendship is loyal

trust is questioned

faith in THE ONE to light my way

emotions rise fast and strong

heart feels everything- knows no depths

 so quite, almost invisible   

passion sparked- mighty voice 



How did I become so fragile

so meek,

so tearful, 

so needy,

so weak?


The same way I became so steady,

and wise,


so compassionate,

loving and

full of pride.


Life is not a line from one place to the next.

It takes many turns

many twist

many pauses


People will love you

some will not 


You will have pain



be forgotten


Remember your hurt 

Remember your joy


Be all your story

for God made you this way